Lorde ⋆ Melodrama

Do Yourself A Favor & Listen To Lorde's Sophomore Album, Melodrama

'Melodrama' by  Sam McKinniss

'Melodrama' by Sam McKinniss

'Green Light' means go. As I trust (and hope) you all do when listening to an album the first go-round, you start with track one and play it all the way through. Ideally with no distractions or stops, devoting your best attention and appreciation to the music; and that's precisely what we've done with Melodrama. From the California coast to the metropolis of New York, we've given Lorde's sophomore album a proper listen (as we're sure the rest of the global community has as well), and she's lit a digital firestorm. One could fathom the pressure a young woman - who's debut album, Pure Heroine, garnered such renown acclaim - has weighing on her to create a second album of equal or more triumphant quality. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Lorde has done it again! 

"Broadcast the boom boom boom boom and make 'em all dance to it."

It's likely that if you have access to internet, you've already heard a few of the electric hits from the New Zealand artist's new release. Tracks such as "Liability," "Sober" and "Perfect Places" (to name just a few), were released over the past two-three months, in anticipation of the big day, i.e. TODAY! Lorde, who's given name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, wrote and produced the album with the talents of her dear friend and Bleachers' lead, Jack Antonoff. The collaborative talents of Flume, Tove Lo, Frank Dukes, plus many more were also part of the magic! Now stop reading, and get to listening. Like we said, start at the beginning and work your way down... but we can't lie that after the first cycle, we may or may not be listening to "Homemade Dynamite" & "The Louvre" on repeat. Now, raise a glass for this talented Kiwi tonight, have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!

"Our rules, our dreams, we're blind
Blowing shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite."

Donavon Frankenreiter || The Waves to the Studio

Scrimshaw recently got a chance to chat with Donavon Frankenreiter, a man who embodies all things creative. Discussing and shooting the breeze on everything from surfing to music to favorite breakfast foods, Donavon solidified himself as effervescently cool. Between his newest album "The Heart", which is at the focus of his upcoming Solo tour, to his collaborative project, Jamtown Band, Donavon's music and style is an ode to what he finds true and dear in this world. Ahead of his upcoming shows at the Belly Up on June 19th & 20th for his solo tour, as well as his Jamtown performances, we encourage you to read along, turn up his tunes, and see the depth and fluidity to Donavon's music and surf style.

Scrimshaw (Bold): Trying to get a sense of where it all started for you, where did you grow up and how did you get involved in the music and surfing scene?

Donavon: So I grew up in Southern California, surfing and living the San Clemente and San Diego scenes. I was just kind of everywhere in Socal and watching all the surfers always inspired me. Watching them all do their thing in the water just incredible.

Yea, the talent in the water was probably insane.

It really was and it was such a cool thing to be a part of.

So between surfing and your music it seems like you always have these creative collaborative projects. Recently you have been working on Jamtown Band. Can you explain what that project is and how it started?

It’s funny, for the past 15 years I have been talking to G. Love about making this acoustic BBQ-esque record.  Two of us, sitting around one mic and create something amazing that fits our vibe. So we started this idea, working with Cisco Adler, and he was like, how about you just make all new songs and see how that sounds. Fast forward to recent months and within 10 days, the whole record was done with 10 new songs and Cisco ended up producing as well as playing on it. We ended with this album and were like…shit, we should make a band with this. Through this happenstance it just became a beautiful coincidence.  Never truly planned; just natural.

That’s so awesome, so creating new music, especially in a collaborative place…do you have a preference of recording in a studio or playing the live experience? Where do you find you get your creativity flowing best?

I really just like to keep it fresh. Creativity flows when you play live. But on the other side, I feel like a song that you write was never really written until you record it. You have the birth of these songs but they never become anything until you actually put them down and record them. There are just so many processes and so many different ways to make a record and each one is different and unique and can generate something so beautiful.  But, when you play live, you adapt to what you did in the studio, so they really build off each other. But this is a great question because to me, they both are forever changing.  Like I can never go into a studio or a concert and be like…yup I’ve done everything I can do here. That’s what I love about music.

Yea it's so true! Your music is held near and dear to us (Wes and Will || Scrimshaw Co-Founders) because some of your original tracks from your first record are on our first surf mix CD (Summer Surf Jamzzz), which I still have in my car!

Haha that’s so great!

Ha but between then and your most recent solo album, the Heart, how has your inspiration and how you write music, changed?

Every record is completely different. That’s just the thing, you are always just growing as a person, a musician and a songwriter.  The songwriting process is just such a beautiful mystery. It’s like this unknown letter that you receive and when you open it, you never know what it’s going to say. In music, you never get to a place, or never want to get to a place, where you feel like you’ve arrived. You just keep evolving in music. You never really master the instrument to a point where you can’t learn anymore. It’s the same with surfing, no matter what age you are, you are always learning something about boards and fins and waves. It’s an exciting thing, and I never get bored with it. If it wasn’t for that element or factor, I don’t know if I would as enthralled with this process as I am with surfing and music.  But because they have that factor, I am addicted.  It truly is an addiction. They are just forever changing fueled by your emotion and feeling.

As a listener, we are always interested in seeing what's next in people’s style and production so we can hear the “new”. It goes for surfing also, you feel like you never know what to expect.  Some days are rad and some days you feel a little worse, but its exciting to experience an unknown in something that is consistent in your life.

So true, it’s amazing! You can get one good wave and it keeps you coming back for more. It’s just like a great song. When you make that one song that like totally clicks, you are like…I need more of that. It seems like it can be an easy thing, thinking to yourself, all I need to do is write 10 songs and I can make a record? But the process is never easy. You look at the prolific songwriters and it’s like where the fuck did it all come from? Sometimes you get this spark where it just keeps coming out of you and coming out of you. But, when you don’t have those moments, there is this real complexity in your craft. To me, it’s like looking at a piece of art. Like a Jackson Pollock and you hear someone go “Oh, it just looks like splattered paint on a canvas” and that’s CRAZY to me because I want to say, well, why don’t YOU go try. You hear and see things that seem simple but when you really try and dial in and hone your craft its like, holy shit.  You learn to love and really appreciate the process.

Well said man. As we come to a close here we have to know...in this world of uncertainty, we all know for certain that breakfast is always incredible. But, for breakfast what would you rather have…a breakfast burrito or an acai bowl?

Ha, that depends on what happened the night before! If I could do it…I would be healthy and have that acai bowl every single day. But, some days you have to be like, screw it, I need a breakfast burrito.  But if I’m anywhere in San Diego… a breakfast burrito is a must.

Rad!!  Keep a look out for our upcoming photo gallery on Donavon's Belly Up Concert on June 19th and 20th!  Get your tickets for his solo shows (here) and Jamtown shows (here).  We promise that you will be jamming with a smile on your face all night long!

Kaleo || Way Down We Go

Little things that make you smile, dancing barefoot in the dark. If only I had strength to change your mind, Oh for what you need, you will not seek. Choose your words before you speak. Can you see that all you’ve got is time?
— Kaleo

There is true beauty in a band that can layer a southern rock sound with a rich Icelandic heritage, over silky guitar riffs and smooth (sometimes falsetto) vocals.  Scrimshaw recently got the opportunity to photograph the band, Kaleo, in all their rock and roll glory at their recent concert between Coachella performances. Outside of the fact that Kaleo, as a whole, embodies the true masculine handsomeness of a modern day rock band, it is their crisp sound and talent range that makes them truly impressive.

Kaleo is made up of front man JJ Julius Son, drummer David Antonsson, bassist Daniel Kristjansson, and lead guitarist Rubin Pollock.  They hail from Iceland and draw inspiration from American blues and classic southern rock.  This may be why their recent studio album, A/B, is such a creative ode to the band’s style. 

When listening closely, their first half of the album has a heavier rock influence (which they absolutely ripped in concert) where the second half of the album is more acoustic oriented.  This plays into the title, A/B, and how it’s meant to be listened to on vinyl, where each side has a different feel. 

Besides the fact that Kaleo is the PERFECT spring/summer outdoors music, they are a must see in concert.  They were full of electricity and left everything they had on stage.  If the fact that the front row was filled with gorgeous women singing along to every single song doesn’t get you to this concert, then take comfort in the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between rocking blues and lyrically gorgeous acoustic songs.  Kaleo is the real deal, so go plug in those headphones, crank the volume up high and join us…oh Way Down we Go.

SHAED || Colorful Music

Have you ever gotten that feeling like time is slowing down just to allow you to soak up and enjoy that exact moment?  It’s almost as if the setting has to be perfect while your senses acknowledge that something truly special is happening. 

Imagine this…vibrant blue lighting over a dimly lit stage. My hands are lightly gripping the lens of my camera while the beautifully raw smell of whiskey and anticipation fills the crowd.  A slow crescendo of the synthesizer hovers around the stage. Then it happens. The combination of layered sounds, a bass that energizes my heart, all mixed with this incredible vocal purity.  This is that moment.  This is colorful music.  This is SHAED.

SHAED is a creative collaboration of musical ingenuity and raw vocals.  This electro-pop band hails from DC and is bringing their unique sound on tour.  The band’s strength in sound comes from the silky beats and mixing of Spencer and Max Ernst.  If these brothers are the strength, then the beauty, style, and energy come from leading vocalist, Chelsea Lee. Together, with their genre-bending sounds, they form the trio, SHAED.

As spring and summer music is upon us, we suggest you add SHAED to your “must see” list. Songs like "Running Through the Fields" and "Perfume" are instant forms of musical addiction and binge listening.

Their music has us bumping down the PCH and dancing in the sun on the rooftops of NYC where the #SandMeetsTheStreet. Here at Scrimshaw we can’t get enough of SHAED and will be turning our volume louder, listening to their colorful music.

Maggie Rogers || Authentic Vibes on the West Coast

Palpable electricity.  We could all feel it.  The crowd inched forward, bound together by jittery anticipation; ready to hear the lyrically raw and naturally addicting sounds of Maggie Rogers. Fresh off the release of her first album, Now That The Light Is Fading, the stage had been set for Maggie’s debut concert, allowing her to blaze a path of musical identity and genre-bending sounds.

As Maggie dove deep into her set, moving seamlessly between slower cosmic acapella sounds to her famous folky pop song, “Alaska”; it was easy to see the genuine comfort in her style.  While she says at 22 years old she is still “figuring out” her sound, to us, it’s undoubtedly already something of a marvel.  Between the beautifully bright and retro outfit, to her love of banjos, to her carefree yet uniquely choreographed dancing, Maggie embodies something so refreshing.

Anyone with a good idea can come in and change the entire industry
— Maggie Rogers

While Maggie’s meteoric rise came from a viral video of Pharrell rendered speechless after listening to her “drug” of a song, “Alaska”; it is her true visceral talent that will bring her into musical stardom.  Reminding me of a young, new-era version of Janis Joplin, Maggie explains that her authentic sound and style is “to make pop music feel as human as possible.”

Here at Scrimshaw, we only fully endorse and create content on people and ideas that we believe in.  We have been following Maggie since her release of “Alaska” through her EP, Now That The Light Is Fading, and cannot wait to see what she will produce in years to come.  If you do anything this year, go see her live, (if you can get tickets) so you can fully embrace the beautiful electricity that is, Maggie Rogers.

Oh and check out our Scrimshaw Sessions ➳ Top 10 of 2016 where we featured "Dog Years" by Maggie Rogers!

Scrimshaw Sessions ➳ Artists to Watch: 2017

With a new year, comes many resolutions. A healthier diet; a better workout regiment; reading more; whatever your heart desires. These are all things we at Scrimshaw try to emulate all year round, not solely at the turn of a new year. By no means are we claiming we're the best at resolutions - cause we ain't - but why not try to better yourself day in and day out, all year long. One thing that we're always on the hunt for, 24/7/365, is the best of new music. With the likes of Spotify's algorithms such as New Music Fridays, Discover Weekly, Release Radars, and a number of other services, new music is more accessible than ever. After some serious musical dissection, we've forecasted our top artists who are going to have outstanding 2017s. Some of these acts have been at it longer than others, but overall we have good feelings that this year is their year to shine. A number of these acts will be touring this year, so please get out and see them. We love them all, we hope you do to - ENJOY LISTENING!


1) Khalid

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, this 18-year-old artist is ready to take on the world. He's currently letting his soulful voice be heard across the country on his Location Tour. Khalid brings his modern twist to an old soul vibe, creating some serious beats. Catch an incredible performance in New York City next Thursday the 19th at SOBs (Sounds of Brazil), before he heads South then West. Already, with over 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Khalid is bound to have a monumental year.

2) The Suffers

Self-coined as Gulf Coast Soul, the ten-person musical group has been on the scene since 2011 and they've been heating up ever since. With over 150 shows across the nation, The Suffers are coming in hot - and aren't going anywhere. Performing at a plethora of music festivals, throwing down their own NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and finishing up touring with Lake Street Dive, this phenomenal squad culturally mixes a blend of genres to create something truly beautiful. They're touring across the Southeast soon, then off to Europe. Give them all the listens either in person, or with their self-titled album "The Suffers"!

3) Whitney

With roots from Chicago, and getting their start in 2015, Whitney is taking the music scene by storm. Their single "No Woman" has been a massive success, and their full album "Light Upon The Lake" blends folky guitar with a unique sound of vocals. There are times when you feel slightly transported back in time listening to Whitney, while their indie rock sound keeps you coming back for more. You'll have their album on repeat - guaranteed. Internationally touring across Asia, Australia, they'll be back in North America through May, then across to Europe for June. Catch them wherever tastefully curated venues are operating. 


Trust us, that when you hear JONES' music you're going to melt with her. The London based songstress enchants us with her soulfully infused tunes, and sultry vocals. Her debut album "New Skin" is out now and her alternative R&B/pop music will wow you, just as it has us. JONES worked with a impressive crew of producers for this album (including HONNE, Justin Parker and Tourist to name a few) to put out something she should really be proud of. JONES, please make your way to the States ASAP - we can't wait to hear you live!

5) Roosevelt

This song will absolutely spark some essence of summer, as the German producer Roosevelt belts out a synthetic electro-pop hit, "Fever". The track featured on his self-titled album "Roosevelt" out last August, is just one of twelve that will get your feet dancing and your hips swaying. His music has a very upbeat sound, that almost makes you feel like you're grooving in slow motion. In October, he dropped a cover of the Womack & Womack hit, "Teardrops" that's really gushing the 80s inspired feel, which you'll definietly hear throughout his music. Dance it out with Roosevelt.

6) Elujay

The inspirationally talented Elujay is bringing feel good jams to the world while singing about real issues. The Oakland based artist has been in the music scene for ages, with a number of singles such as "Soul Food" and "Pushing Lines" culminating with the release of this first full album, "Jentrify". Elujay invited a number of artists to this project, including Rexx Life Raj and Ymtk to name a few. With roots in California, we believe that the nation will soon know Elujay's name and powerfully curated music.


The LA based trio, describes themselves on their website as a: "brooding sensuality of R&B, rhythms of funk and pop rock, and audacity of synthpop with raw, unbridled lyricism." We couldn't have said it better ourselves (thus the direct quote). Katie, Naomi, and Josette's first single "Winterbreak" took the world by storm. So much so, that the EDM-king himself, Tiësto, remixed it into one of 2016's best summer dance hits. MUNA is off on tour with the Lo Moon, and will of course be tearing it up at Gov Ball in early June. Listen to these bad ass ladies and you'll be glad you did. #MUNAFTW

8) liv

Translated in English to "life", liv, is a Swedish collaboration for the ages. This powerhouse of a gang consists of Lykke Li, Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, plus Andrew Wyatt & Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow, and Jeff Bashker. Their first song together, "Wings of Love" embraces a lightness that makes you want to hold hands with someone - or run naked through the woods like Li's directed in the above video (we're going to go out on a limb and say this video probably counts as NSFW, but use your judgement - we trust you to be smart). Most of these musicians have been working together for some time in a variety of capacities, so it's inevitable that liv's got much more up their sleeves as they embark into an amazing year ahead. 


What appears to have started by the masterminds of Luca Masini & Reuben James, resulted in the electronic-pop band KINGDM. Self-described on their Facebook page as "Music for the people," KINGDM's beats almost immediately put you poolside, with a frozen cocktail in your hand, set for a colossal sunset. KINDGM has four massive singles out now on Spotify and joined forces with Kevin Garrett & SG Lewis for their track "Baby". With support from Apple Music, Majestic Casual, Noon Pacific, and Spotify, KINGDM had a rockin' 2016, but we foresee their success getting even stronger in 2017. Stay tuned and get amped.

10) Mt. Joy

With only one song on Spotify that's been played over 2.3 million times, Mt. Joy's "Astorvan" captured not only our hearts, but a monthly listener pool of more than 250K. Mt. Joy belts it out in this folksy tune about how Jesus actually drives an Astrovan. With some awesome album artwork, a tune that's got some serious buzz, we can't wait to hear what else Mt. Joy puts out in 2017.

Scrimshaw Sessions ➳ Top 10 of 2016

2016 was been a wild one, across the board. But luckily, the music world has been overall exemplary. After some serious filing down, we were able to sift through the hits, to find our favorite tracks from the past year. Some artists have been around for sometime, and others had their debut year, but at the end of the day, these acts are all doing what they love, which is producing quality music. We hope you enjoy our top tracks and that you all have safe and awesome New Years celebrations -- see you in 2017! Enjoy!


1) "Dog Years" by Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers, a Brooklyn based artist who just had the year of her life, is a name to remember. Maggie is probably best known for her song “Alaska”, which by itself could have launched her career, but was only enhanced when it was played for Pharrell in his Masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute where his reaction was: “I’ve never heard anything that sounds like that. That’s a drug for me.” Fortunately, this gave Maggie an outlet we were all hoping for in bringing her music into our homes. While “Alaska” is brilliant, our favorite song of hers thus far is “Dog Years”. The way she mixes sounds under her unique voice is something refreshing to the music industry. It sounds so raw and genuine when she sings, which is only heightened by her lyrical depth.

2) "Same Drugs" by Chance the Rapper

One’s bound to lead a thoroughly impressive life with the first name Chancelor, and Chance the Rapper’s musical intelligence is nothing shy of greatness. Immediately upon release in May, Chance’s third mixtape, "Coloring Book", gained universal praise stacked with incredible tracks and phenomenal production. The sixth track’s intimacy begins with a sole piano, and grows incrementally by incorporating gospel-inspired vocals, drum beats, strings, and so on. Age effects change, and Chance dances with Wendy in reflecting on the past while realizing the present.

3) “ILYSB” by LANY

“ILYSB” (I Love You So Bad) is beautiful and sure to make you feel cool, nostalgic, and sexy all at the same time. Taking it a step further, LANY released “ILYSB – Stripped”, which is a slower, vocal rendition of the song that the world deserved. Even though LANY released their latest album, “kinda”, more recently than this song, it deserves all the recognition it can get, and more.  Not only does LANY put on a killer live show, but their coolness exudes style and lyrical finesse.

4) “Friends” by Francis and the Lights ft. Bon Iver 

Released as a single in early July, before “Farewell, Starlite!”’s full-album release in September, Francis and the Lights joined forces with Bon Iver & Kanye West, plus producers such as Rostam Batmanglij, Ariel Rechtshaid and Cashmere Cat (to name a few) to crank out a killer track, “Friends.” The synthetic sounds and whimsical beats really create something. The entire album is gold, but this track is such a powerhouse it’s unfair. Advice: blast this song in the car with windows down (slow-motion-wind-in-your-hair style), or in some real quality earbuds (not the cheap ones).

5) "The Middle" by Wet

“The Middle” exemplifies Wet’s ever-cool aspirational pop music. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to photograph Wet as they mesmerized the crowd with a performance that can only be described as magical (check out our article here). The talent and vocal range of lead singer Kelly Zutrau is a beauty that must be listened to. “The Middle” is one of their most recent songs and captures the essence of emotion in a two-minute time frame. It’s simple depth in the beat and a tempo change between the chorus and bridge of the song, takes you for an addictive ride. Not only should you be listening to “The Middle” but Wet’s entire discography.

6) “Aloha” by Møme ft. Merryn Jeann

The French DJ Møme broke out in huge success with his track “Aloha” featuring the mesmerizing voice of Australia’s vocalist Merryn Jeann. The duo’s roots extend from Nice, FR to Byron Bay, AUS, and their song has covered the globe from pole to pole. If you don’t already know this track, you’re welcome. You should learn something real while listening, and maybe… even a few good dance moves.

7) “Bruce Wayne” by Memorecks & Jenna Pemkowski 

Jenna Pemkowski teamed up with producer Memorecks to create a powerhouse album called “Follow”. One song on this album, “Bruce Wayne” stands out instantly. Jenna’s voice flows perfectly over Memorecks’ beat creating a song that is meant to repeat. Guaranteed, the first time you listen to it will not be the last of the day. Memorecks’ already solidifying himself, but keep an eye out for Jenna Pemkowski, as her voice is meant for greatness, with this track as her amazing jumping-off point.

8) “Show Me Love” (Skrillex Remix) by Hundred Waters ft. Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal

First start with a collaborative feat for the ages, then remix it further by one of EDM’s most recognizable names, and you get this beast of a track. Skrillex’s remix of “Show Me Love” is an ultimate feel good song, and gets any crowd on their feet. From house party, to beach bash, this crew knows how to release a great song, and we know you’ll love it just as much. The beats on the backend, keep me the poppy vocals aloft for a great time.

9) “Tilted” by Christine and the Queens

“Tilted” is as gorgeous as it is unique. Christine and the Queens is a vocal phenomenon who uses her French style and background to dive in and out of multiple languages while creating songs with silky melodies and insanely catchy verses. This track is addictive as hell; it lures in the listener so they can hear the deep-rooted sexuality and pureness within the lyrics.

10) “Someone That Loves You” by HONNE ft. Izzy Bizu

The true beauty of HONNE’s style is that, they’re combining an electronic style of keys, drums and other instruments with emotional lyrics, which in turn produces a deeply sexy sound. And what better way to keep that going, then add Ms. Izzy Bizu into the mix. This trio produces a sultry song which will result in repetition; playing it over, and over, and over again. Make sure to listen to their Late Night Version of the track, and read our piece on the act with shots from a gig in Brooklyn earlier this year!

Wet: Ever-Cool Aspirational Pop

Every once in a while I feel that if a person is in the right physical place and state of mind, they can reach a truly unique and heightened sense of outward perspective. This feeling of slight euphoria seems like an out of body experience.  It allows you to immerse yourself in the surroundings and full heartedly enjoy that specific moment.  To us at Scrimshaw, this is the catching lightning in a bottle feeling we are searching with every story and experience.  This unique feeling of softness and visceral comfort was felt recently as we watched, listened and photographed the beauty that is the band, Wet.

Wet || The Irenic 2016

Wet, is an “aspirational pop” band, who originated in Brooklyn, NY but has taken over the indie airwaves.  The band’s melodically clean beats combined with beautiful electric riffs and a front woman who’s voice makes you feel all the feels, is something that everyone needs to experience at least once. 

The band consists of Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, and together they can actually create more than just music, they can create an experience.  Not only does this experience bring about beautiful music, but lyrically, Wet can bring you to your knees, with an emotional magnitude only comparable to your first kiss. 

Wet || The Irenic 2016

Our viewing, listening, and photographing experience was intimate as Wet connected everyone in the audience through their music.  The benefit of any artist engaging on that level with fans is that there is a tendency for the listeners to reciprocate.  Wet, releasing two songs, “The Middle” and “Turn Away”, only a week before this concert, was met with the crowd singing every word, leaving the band stunned and ecstatic. Connecting on that level is something most bands dream of, but Wet is not any normal band. Some musicians gather this kind of connection and energy through movement and activity on stage, but Wet fits their ever-cool personality with gorgeous lighting and powerfully comfortable stances, losing themselves in their music. 

Here at Scrimshaw we pride ourselves on cultivating a vibe and creating a collective of experiences that people can enjoy.  We fully hope that you go out of your way to listen and experience Wet in the fullest.  Do yourself a favor and take a moment out of your day to really just clear your mind and immerse yourself in their music and we guarantee you will get something special back in return. 

Wet || The Irenic 2016

Wet|| The Irenic 2016

HONNE || Cool On All The Nights

HONNE performing 10.05.2016 @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn was heating up on a mildly cool night two weeks back, as Britain’s grooviest duo took the stage at Greenpoint’s Warsaw concert hall. HONNE, made up of the widely talented Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher, truly got New York’s party started as part of their North American tour. HONNE creates soulful baby-making beats, fused with electronic elements that make for a new generation of sensual sounds. Andy & James started making music together back in 2014, under their name HONNE, which translates to “real intention” in Japanese, and realness was what they were bringing. When they opened the night with “Treat You Right”, the energy was already high and it only got better as the show went on.

Scrimshaw featured HONNE in a piece at the tail end of 2015 forecasting the duo as one of the top 10 Artists to Watch in 2016 - and we’re still firmly standing by this. With a number of EPs out at that time, we are excited to share that HONNE released their first studio album Warm On A Cold Night this past July, and have been touring to promote that beast. The album features some of their biggest tracks such as “Someone That Loves You” featuring Izzy Bizu, “Warm On A Cold Night,” and “Good Together” (all of which they played at the show). They wrapped up their North American leg last night on the west coast, and are heading back to Europe and Japan over the remaining fall to complete the tour.

The crowd at the Warsaw was hundreds of people, but still felt rather intimate. Fans were fairly close to each other, all inching their way towards the front, but nothing that put people off. I don’t recall seeing a single interaction that wasn’t a smile being exchanged or lyrics being sung along in reply. The true beauty of HONNE’s style is that, they’re combining an electronic style of keys, drums and other instruments with emotional lyrics, which in turn produces a deeply sexy sound; a sound that everyone in the venue was getting down with. At one point during the show, frontman vocalist Andy looks out into the audience and exclaims: “I can tell you, we are never ever going to forget this. I’m speechless.” As at that moment, as they burst into their next song, you could really tell that this creative duo was just as excited to be there as the lucky New Yorkers that were in the room that night.

If you haven’t already started listening to your new favorite band, we’d highly recommend getting on board. Check our their Soundcloud linked at the top, plus two music videos of their’s that we absolutely love! Enjoy the music and turn up that volume, as HONNE is here to stay - and is just warming up your cold nights ahead.

HONNE performing 10.05.2016 @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY.