SHAED || Colorful Music

Have you ever gotten that feeling like time is slowing down just to allow you to soak up and enjoy that exact moment?  It’s almost as if the setting has to be perfect while your senses acknowledge that something truly special is happening. 

Imagine this…vibrant blue lighting over a dimly lit stage. My hands are lightly gripping the lens of my camera while the beautifully raw smell of whiskey and anticipation fills the crowd.  A slow crescendo of the synthesizer hovers around the stage. Then it happens. The combination of layered sounds, a bass that energizes my heart, all mixed with this incredible vocal purity.  This is that moment.  This is colorful music.  This is SHAED.

SHAED is a creative collaboration of musical ingenuity and raw vocals.  This electro-pop band hails from DC and is bringing their unique sound on tour.  The band’s strength in sound comes from the silky beats and mixing of Spencer and Max Ernst.  If these brothers are the strength, then the beauty, style, and energy come from leading vocalist, Chelsea Lee. Together, with their genre-bending sounds, they form the trio, SHAED.

As spring and summer music is upon us, we suggest you add SHAED to your “must see” list. Songs like "Running Through the Fields" and "Perfume" are instant forms of musical addiction and binge listening.

Their music has us bumping down the PCH and dancing in the sun on the rooftops of NYC where the #SandMeetsTheStreet. Here at Scrimshaw we can’t get enough of SHAED and will be turning our volume louder, listening to their colorful music.