Maggie Rogers || Authentic Vibes on the West Coast

Palpable electricity.  We could all feel it.  The crowd inched forward, bound together by jittery anticipation; ready to hear the lyrically raw and naturally addicting sounds of Maggie Rogers. Fresh off the release of her first album, Now That The Light Is Fading, the stage had been set for Maggie’s debut concert, allowing her to blaze a path of musical identity and genre-bending sounds.

As Maggie dove deep into her set, moving seamlessly between slower cosmic acapella sounds to her famous folky pop song, “Alaska”; it was easy to see the genuine comfort in her style.  While she says at 22 years old she is still “figuring out” her sound, to us, it’s undoubtedly already something of a marvel.  Between the beautifully bright and retro outfit, to her love of banjos, to her carefree yet uniquely choreographed dancing, Maggie embodies something so refreshing.

Anyone with a good idea can come in and change the entire industry
— Maggie Rogers

While Maggie’s meteoric rise came from a viral video of Pharrell rendered speechless after listening to her “drug” of a song, “Alaska”; it is her true visceral talent that will bring her into musical stardom.  Reminding me of a young, new-era version of Janis Joplin, Maggie explains that her authentic sound and style is “to make pop music feel as human as possible.”

Here at Scrimshaw, we only fully endorse and create content on people and ideas that we believe in.  We have been following Maggie since her release of “Alaska” through her EP, Now That The Light Is Fading, and cannot wait to see what she will produce in years to come.  If you do anything this year, go see her live, (if you can get tickets) so you can fully embrace the beautiful electricity that is, Maggie Rogers.

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