As groms raised on the New England shore at the mouth of Long Island Sound, the gateway to the Atlantic became our playground.  Growing up down the street from each other, the water fueled our every adventure - swimming, sailing, diving, the waves carried us from one to the next.  We eventually discovered surfing through friends and became immediately obsessed with the lifestyle.  Days were spent in the sun, followed by cool nights on the beach with beers in hand and salt crusted skin.  As seasons passed, we sought after the unknown, so starting the next chapter of our lives was only natural.

In shaping our own paths, we each headed South for a taste of something new ending up in neighboring Carolinas.  Being away from home truly helped define who we are as men and influence our ambitions in life.  Yet over time, not even the Southern belles nor the sweetest of teas could keep us away from our roots.

Separately we found our way back North, both landing in New York City.  After exploring the electricity of NYC, we decided to expand and become a bi-coastal brand representing NYC and San Diego, CA.  From street art exhibits to endless galleries, morning surf at Swamis to afternoon Breweries, jamming with subway buskers and unlimited concerts - both NYC and San Diego are literally here for the taking.  And we're taking.

We decided to reflect on our feverish pursuit of experience by telling stories sourced from our lives, focusing on music, surf, and an eternal wanderlust.  We are word of mouth.  We are a constant record of the present.  We live the day-to-day grit of New York, with salt water running thick through our veins. We are San Diego beach bonfires, with the sun setting over the Pacific.  We are a collective of stories, perpetually ebbing and flowing like the ocean tides.  We are the mad ones paddling out at sunrise and ending the night amidst the rooftops.  We are here for the contemporary renaissance men and women living the daily grind, to bring you the best of the best.  This is Scrimshaw Collective.

Come find us where the sand meets the street.