BANGS Shoes || Everyday Adventure Footwear

Here at Scrimshaw we try and embody an active and healthy lifestyle by testing our own personal limits and enjoying the spoils that life has to offer.  We take pride in working with like-minded individuals and companies.  From these collaborations between creatives comes something uniquely beautiful. Working with BANGS Shoes has allowed us to see the value in creating a community around a brand that believes in a product as much as their mission. Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs.

With our constant thirst for wanderlust and the need to be slightly out-of-the-box, we really wanted to test the boundaries of BANGS and their representation as Everyday Adventure Footwear. With the durability, functionality and pure stylishness of these shoes, we thought... we better test them the only way Scrimshaw knows how; where the #SandMeetsTheStreet. **P.S. - BANGS are not 100% waterproof, so wearing them surfing may cause damage!**

Turns out BANGS aren’t just meant for the land!  Did we really surf with our Siberian Snow Slip Ons in Maui??...YUPPP!

We are full supporters of BANGS Shoes and everything they embody.  BANGS shoes were tested where the Sand Meets the Street, and allowed us to take one step closed to living our Scrimshaw passions, hoping our adventure helps others find theirs.