BANGS Shoes: Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs

Morning Light peaks through the curtains and waves are firing.  Time to grab my essentials – board shorts, a little zinc for the nose, a longboard for each land and sea, and my essential BANGS Shoes. 

BANGS Shoes are a necessary part of the Scrimshaw ensemble for any occasion. As I kick-push myself to catch the morning’s surf, my BANGS Shoes are at once stylish and essential – gripping the pavement and my Arbor longboard, as the wheels hug the road. 

Made out of canvas for durability and breathability with rubber soles, this build creates the perfect shoe in any condition. 

Easily transitioning from the road to the sand, BANGS are as functional as they are cool.  With BANGS, it’s not just the design and colors that give the brand its signature style, but also the company’s depth, direction and purpose that founder Hannah Davis has created and cultivated.

While I grab a quick surf, check out below, the ever-cool reasons why Scrimshaw ALWAYS rocks BANGS Shoes.

BANGS Shoes, founded by Hannah Davis, was built on inspiration, creativity, and a mission to help people find their adventure and follow their passions in life.  It all started while Hannah was teaching English in China and noticed a sleek and simple olive-tone shoe that factory workers were wearing.  Drawing inspiration from this design, and Hannah’s instinctive need to give back to others, BANGS Shoes was created with the simple idea that 20% of all net profits would be re-invested in hand selected entrepreneurs.

Fun Fact: BANGS means “help” in Mandarin. So far, BANGS Shoes has invested in 500 Entrepreneurs from 58 different countries, created a massive Ambassador program with 1600+ members (Scrimshaw is an ambassador) that extends throughout the globe on 300 Universities (get involved here!), all while designing shoes that are universally trendy and embodying a truly transformative social ethic.   


Now you understand why I spend as much time in my BANGS as I do in the surf.  Not only are they insanely stylish and comfortable, but Scrimshaw will always get behind a brand that has that much substance and drive.

Walking off the beach with sea-soaked board shorts, salt crusted skin, a board in each hand, a morning surf in the rear view and BANGS on my feet, finding where the #SandMeetsTheStreet, we take one step closer to living our Scrimshaw passions, hoping our adventure helps others find theirs.