Fresh Air in the Windy City || Chicago in the Raw

Here at Scrimshaw we immerse ourselves in the grit and grind of NYC while we gather with friends for micro-adventures within New England and simultaneously surf and backpack up the California coast.  Sometimes we forget that our motto, Sand Meets the Street, can apply to hidden gems outside of the coasts that we know so well.  With the Sand and Street on our mind, and the wanderlust traveler within, we found ourselves exploring the windy city of Chicago.

While there is no surf in Chicago, there is a certain ambiance that makes it so damn desirable from the months of April-October.  It has a certain rawness in its outer burrows with transformed record store bars, beautiful street art, and gorgeous architecture. We were able to travel with friends through the beautifully graffiti riddled streets of Logan Square with our cappuccinos in hand (constantly searching for the best cap) admiring the sheer talent and color that lined the city walls.  We made our way down through the city, stopping for signature cocktails in trendy warehouse bars and tiki lounges. Getting a little loose we were able to open our eyes and appreciate what most people pass by on their daily grind. 

With the mix of caffeine and Old Fashion’s in our veins, the sun shining, and inside jokes growing by the minute, we found our way onto bicycles, and explored the coast of Chicago where the Sand Meets the Street.  Here is Chicago through Scrimshaw’s eyes: