Swim With Sharks

By Rebecca West for Scrimshaw Collective

First came the fisherman. Then came the surfers.

The laid back vibes of Montauk are what we live for in the summer months. But the best seaside towns offer charms that stretch beyond the sand. It’s a place where you feel like you’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, but the fun energy and style of the city has come along for a ride.

It’s the freedom that comes with a coastal visit. It’s the textures, scents and sounds of the surf that carry your mind away and allow you to just start feeling.

But you don't have to hit the waves looking for fins, to Swim with Sharks (SWS). Cement yourself at the top of the food chain with SWS’ collection of minimalist beachwear, bred from long island’s best.

Whether you’re paddle boarding, running, golfing, hitting the Surf Lodge or just bumming it beachside – they’ve got you covered. Never over designed or overpriced, a total breath of fresh air in the land of bright espadrilles, sailcloth totes, and other pastel finds.

Swim With Sharks signals a new day in the sun for both Montauk residents and those that can only swing a summer escape. Either way, once you have found this beach brand, you want to keep coming back, like the tide itself.

Ready to get in gear?