New Wave || Who Run the World?

You know those people that re-inspire you or just by being in their presence, you feel like you can take on the world?  They have this innate ability that makes you want to drop everything and follow them on whatever crazy adventure may lie ahead.  Well, the new Billabong Women and their ode to the "iconic surf scene of yesteryear" not only made my jaw drop, but also made me want to stop everything, grab my board, a time machine, some killer retro shades and head back to the surfing days of California logging, thigh-high board shorts, and neon as far as the eye could see.  The Billabong squad of Lauren Enever (one of my FAVORITE surfers, and an absolute delight in person), Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast and Alessa Quizon can absolutely rip!  "New Wave" is all about having fun and absolutely tearing up the water in a retro style of gear (it doesn't hurt that the squad looks stunningly rebellious both in and out of the water). This video is a reinvigoration for all those who take themselves too seriously when surfing or get mad when they miss a wave or blowout a bottom-turn. But I do warn you, this 2-minute video will make you want to tear off that 9-5 attire and head straight for the ocean.  Although good luck surfing up to the standards of these badass ladies, they will surf circles around you.