Jack Henry || Grooming Products for the Modern Surfer

We are the mad ones who surf dawn patrol. We are the gritty ones with salt water running through our veins. We are the forever-active ones constantly seeking the next adventure. So why should our movement through activity, compromise style?

Jack Henry, a grooming company that creates natural, minimal-ingredient products, for the stylish, confident and active man, has the goods that we’ve been looking for. 

I took a crew of four guys surfing, all with different styles (both in and out of the water) to test the elements on our skin and hair in the ocean, and then apply Jack Henry to see how it would hold up. It did not disappoint.

If you’ve never surfed, let me paint a quick picture. After surfing for hours, your body is in a state of exhausted ecstasy. Your arms are noodles, you’re probably sun-kissed, your skin and hair are caked with sea salt, you have most likely swallowed a gallon of sea-water, but you are all smiles and continuously telling your buddies the intimate details of each wave you caught.

I can honestly say that there are very few moments in life that make you feel the kind of raw energy that surfing does. With this energy comes confidence and a feeling of coolness. There is no getting around that as you walk off the beach, every surfer (whether they admit it or not) is attempting to embody the style and sexiness that it is to, in fact, be a surfer (think Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break). But in the past couple years, with the rise of sponsorships and social media, a new wave of surfers have emerged who aren’t just beach bums, but are stylish, crisp, successful, well-groomed beacons (now think Jack Freestone, Luke Davis, Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds...to name a few).  So with this rise, we are all looking for those products that allow you to shred in the morning or hit a sunset surf, throw in some pomade or beard oil, and head to get morning coffee or happy hour looking fresh.

After testing Jack Henry, it did just that, and in a way that directly appeals to the moral code and aesthetic of the surfing world. Jack Henry’s goal is to create the best product with the least amount of ingredients with zero harmful chemicals or toxic waste. Take their pomade for example, its ingredients are; beeswax, coconut oil, bentonite clay and laver essential oil. That's it.

Jack Henry has figured out a way to use minimal, natural ingredients, that give you supreme texture and incredible control that keeps your hair, skin and beard healthy and stylish after you just did real damage to it surfing (oh, and their product bottles are recyclable after you finish using it).

Not only did my crew and I get after it in the water, but we fully tested and fully approve the quality, style, aesthetic, company morals and overall coolness of Jack Henry. This brand understands what it means to cater to the active man who refuses to compromise style for movement, through activity.