The alarm goes off, its 5:30 am.  I quickly put my wetsuit, 8’4 longboard, wax, and towel in the car - its time to go surfing.  Surfing in New England isn’t always as consistent as other places in the world because it needs the correct tides, wind swells, and pressure systems.  But, the surf report for the 4th of July weekend was shaping up to be a beauty. 

Arriving at the surf spot over the CT border in Rhode Island, I could now confirm that the reports were right, and all I saw was glassy sets coming in chest high.  The conditions were ideal.  But, when you have perfect conditions on the 4th of July weekend, you are going to be battling the crowds. 

This particular surf spot is a jetty break that mainly spits out “rights” - when a surfer is trying to catch a wave and the wave is breaking from left to right.  Even with the plethora of SUPs who catch every wave, longboards, and little groms taking lessons, the sun was shining and the conditions were on point.  This was such a solid way to start the weekend.