Lost In Reveree

Run away with Me.

By Rebecca West for Scrimshaw Collective

Life, at its best, is happening right in front of you. Our world may be changing, but the true nature of life is not. These experiences will never repeat themselves. Our conversations are unfiltered and authentic. And the love is real. 

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Each of our reasons for venturing is guaranteed to be different from others. But I can say that the normal girl living her biggest, messiest dreams mentality is not meant to be my standard. Constantly getting lost in a state euphoric dreaming, I find myself wanting to explore the unknown.  So why not go?

Yes, the unknown is scary. But, that same feeling should also make you want to pack a Reveree Weekender bag and explore that desire. Filling my weekender with only the essentials, I am determined to live the life I was meant for.

The Flores - $398.00

The Flores - $398.00

Reveree founder, Tori, is an inspiration to this exact idea and embodies the modern day bohemian woman. Creating a company with a purpose, Reveree offers a range of visually stunning and functional handbags that also contribute to the livelihood of small Guatemalan communities. Reveree believes in quality by sourcing local materials to help support local artisans. By empowering these Guatemalan communities, Reveree is able to reformulate an ancient tradition with style and design to give gorgeous bags for today’s fashionably philanthropic woman.

Follow in this handbag company’s kind-hearted footsteps and sanction the soul a chance to stray. Spend your time being present and breaking the pattern. Keep your head in the clouds and warm to the opportunity of the prowl. Designed with enough room - yet never too bulky - Reveree’s leather trimmed, embroidered wool Weekender will help you find your way. And its additional, exterior pocket allows for quick access to belongings. You never know what you may run into when you’re running wild ;)

So, pack a damn bag, and go. Just go. Because there is no other way to exist. Stay Lost In Reveree.