Matador || Get off the Grid

Let’s get off the grid.  Let's explore our personal unknowns and expand what we perceive as normal.

Every so often it's important to engage in self-reflection to make sure that your batteries don’t need charging and to see if the path you are on, is indeed the path you chose for yourself.  If that vision gets clouded…welcome to the club.  Fortunately, I surround myself with like-minded individuals who push each other to get out there and explore.  At Scrimshaw, we engage with brands who embody that mentality to the fullest.  So when we decided to go to Nicaragua for 2 weeks, the first thing I packed (other than my camera) was my Matador gear – convenient, compact and essential.

Now part of going off the grid and recharging is doing just that – going off the grid.  Leave the phone behind and make memories. Absorb the moment and be selfish by holding onto those fleeting seconds and sharing them just with yourself and your company.


But to give you jusssssst a taste…we surfed empty beach breaks at Playa Colorado, drank Toñas overlooking the Pacific in San Juan Del Sur, went fishing with new friends, hiked Volcan Maderas (a volcano in Ometepe), swung from rope swings in the natural waters of Ojo de Agua, and made friends with the locals who showed us the correct way to move our hips (apparently Americans dance with their shoulders).

Throughout all of these adventures, Matador was there to bring comfort and convenience through its compact products, waterproof material and outdoor style. The NanoDry Trek Towel provided a perfect way to absorb both sweat and rain during our hike into the rainforest on Volcan Maderas.  It doubled over as an ideal towel after cooling down with a swim in the natural waters. 

The NanoDry Trek Towel was held by our Matador Freerain24 Backpack which is probably my most travelled piece of outdoor gear.  This sleek backpack kept all phones and cameras dry as well as provided a light way to carry the essentials (beers included) all throughout Nicaragua. 

But, my personal favorite and absolute essential item is the Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag.  This has saved cameras, phones, wallets, pictures, directions…you name it.  Not only does it clip onto backpacks and belts, it also provides the necessary coverage for all valuables.

It’s easy to get travel fever, but its hard to bite the bullet to press that “buy” button on that ticket you have always put off. But, why put it off. Grab your friends, loved ones, or travel alone and get your essential gear that you can't live without.  It’s time to recharge and put yourself out there. Get off the grid.  Go.