In a day where bands can play their whole set from a Macbook, it’s refreshing to see talented musicians give everything they have on stage to give the audience the performance of a life time. 

This is what you get with The Liza Colby Sound.  Lead Singer, Liza Colby, grew up in a family filled with talented musicians and yet paved her own way in the industry with a mix of current sounds and late 60’s rock and roll infused with a lot of soul.  When Liza steps on stage, she commands attention.  Liza owns the stage with her beauty, her vocals, her outfits, and her amazing hair, reminiscent of a young Tina Turner.  She’s surrounded by a seasoned trio of talented male musicians who shine in their own way, while elevating Liza to the next level. 

While interviewing Liza it was easy to see that her energy was not limited to the stage.  She was eager to speak about her music and her band.  It was awesome to listen to someone so passionate about her craft and fully commit to a dream.

As a longtime resident of the Lower East Side, we wanted Liza’s take on some of her favorite local spots.  With her usual energy and enthusiasm, she shot off countless places, and eventually gave us her “staple” order at Odessa - rye bread grilled cheese, with mozzarella, swiss, bacon, and tomato, with mustard and onion rings on the side.  She adds, “I’ll also milkshake it, and also get chocolate milk.  I need to do sweet and savory so I’ll probably also throw in pancakes.  I love to eat, I’m not one of those girls who is like, let me have a salad, no, I’m like, Let’s Fucking Eat.” 

Liza is one who puts passion into everything - her food, her band, and her craft.  The Liza Colby Sound is definitely a must hear and a must see.