Drawing Waves Unlike Any Other Day

A quintessential morning in SoHo: Grab an iced coffee to go at La Colombemake your way to Jack's Wife Freda for Brunch, and then stroll down the cobblestone streets to a unique museum, slightly off the beaten path, called The Drawing Center.

The Drawing Center chooses artists to explore the medium of drawing as primary, dynamic, and relevant ways to discover different cultures, inspirations, and unique themes.  Scrimshaw Collective ventured to The Drawing Center for its prime exhibit in "The Lab," to see Robin Rhode's Drawing Waves.

Robin Rhode is a South-African born, Berlin-based artist focusing on stop-action photography while combining drawing with elements of real life.  The exhibit focuses on two of Rhode's pieces, Breaking Waves and Paries Pictus - Draw the Waves.  

Breaking Waves focuses on a boy carving through the surf of an illusionistic ocean, painted onto a city wall.  

Breaking Waves - Robin Rhode

Paries Pictus-Draw the Waves is an interactive piece where children from Manhattan's PS 42 Benjamin Altman School and PS 130 Hernando DeSoto School were able to draw their idea of waves using custom made oil crayons, as an act of graffiti.  Rhode's hoped idea of combining the silhouettes of 17th-century mercantile ships and the graffiti drawings of the children would engage urban youths in history while promoting imagination and creativity.  

Robin Rhode's Drawing Waves exhibit at The Drawing Center is open until August 30th.  The exhibit is fascinating but please make sure to explore the rest of the museum.  For those who don't wish to spend an entire day looking at paintings, don't fret!  The Drawing Center has a modern look with two main spaces featuring multiple interactive pieces chosen by the museum's curators.  The Drawing Center has a cool vibe and is a unique staple of the SoHo art scene.