Art Miami NYC: A Meteoric Rise

Art Miami New York:

Imagine that you’re surrounded by the world’s most prestigious contemporary and modern art. International collectors are showing off their prized possessions as artists blend in with the crowd, only visible if you really know who you’re looking for.   

This was the scene at the second installment of Art Miami New York.  It was a sprawling display of art in multiple mediums, ranging from paintings to photography, street art to sculptures.  The sheer quantity of notable artists was truly impressive. While Banksy was clearly the crowd favorite, the immense talent at each gallery’s station was remarkable. 

While some art doesn’t always resonate with the viewer, you can’t help but respect the time and the craft that goes into the art hanging on the walls.  And while there are the onlookers who walk by what seem like simple paintings saying, “I could do that,” there are also those who understand the passion that go into every brush stroke or click of the camera. 

At least one thing about Art Miami New York wasn’t interpretive: the meteoric rise of contemporary and modern art.  Many of the most coveted pieces at the show sold for astronomically high prices, as most of the crowd at Art Miami New York were wealthy individuals expecting they’d purchased the next big thing.

But, once you got past investors, you could talk on a personal level with the artists and collectors.  This is how one should approach new art - genuinely show interest in the artist’s work, appreciate their passion and authenticity, and be open to learning from those who spend their time and effort trying to find common ground between the piece and the viewer while showing a genuine voice amid the noise. 

Art Miami New York was a massive success in promoting the originality, newness, and the genius of the contemporary and modern art world.  Three gallery owners, who really embodied this vision and spoke eloquently of their featured artists, were the Sponder Gallery, Contessa Gallery, and the Joerg Heitsch Gallery.  Some of their major works of art are shown below.  Featured at the Sponder Gallery was photographer Michael Halsband, who will be highlighted on Scrimshaw Collective at a point in the near future.